We can repair just about anything!  Bring your footwear in for some care and attention.

Some of our common repair prices are:


Stick on Sole – £18.00

Heeling- £10.00

Stick on Sole and Heel- £28.00

Leather Sole- £28.00

Leather sole and Heel- £38.00


We also amend fastenings such as buckles, Velcro straps or zips. For more unusual repairs, we will quote individually depending on what is needed. If you require some shoe care products, we also stock a range of polishes and protectors.



Having some of the UK’s leading Orthotic Technicians on site means adapting your footwear is no hassle at all.  Do you have restrictions in how many pairs of footwear you can adapt through the NHS?  If so, contact us with your requirements.

Some common adaptations are:

– Raises – for leg length discrepancies
– Sockets and Straps – for the attachment of calipers
– Rockers – to reduce pressure under the ball of the foot
– Heel tips – to reduce excessive wear at the heels
– Leather stretching – to reduce pressure at toe deformites, such as bunions or clawed toes
– Flares and elongations – for feet rolling out or in too much/for improved balance
– Wedges – to counteract any instability from side to side
– Bumpers and welt protectors – to act as a guard around the edges of the shoe to reduce excessive wear of the uppers