Foot Measuring




When you meet with one of our footwear technicians, you can be assured that they understand feet!!  With the shoe room being located within the premises of Crispin Orthotics, our technicians are provided training by our qualified HCPC registered Orthotists.  These clinicians are experts in anatomy and the provision of Orthotic devices and footwear.



You cant beat the old fashioned tape measure when looking at getting the right size for you.  Its not a straightforward as you might think though!  The technician must ensure that there is the right tension on the tape so that your footwear are not too tight or too loose.




Our footwear technicians have access to modern 3D scanning technology which provides accurate measures of your feet.  Its a system which is extremely useful for those feet which are difficult to provide standard sizes for and can even create solid models of your feet!




The width and depth fittings we have in stock at the Shoe Room

2E/ H Fitting– Wider than a standard shoe which gives room for your feet to spread naturally and provide excellent comfort.

2V Fitting– Good for people who have a fluctuation in swelling. It consists of two pairs of removable insoles so can be varied in fitting from 2E to 4E.

4E/ K Fitting– Deeper at the toe box than 2E fitting shoes. Its removable insoles gives you ample depth for the insertion of foot orthotics if required.

6E Fitting– Wider and deeper still than the 2E and 4E fitting shoes. These are excellent for people with very swollen feet who find it almost impossible to buy proper fitting shoes on the high street.

6V Fitting– Perfect for people who have fluctuation in swelling. They have two pairs of removable insoles together with extension straps so can be varied in fitting from 6E to 8E thus ensuring ultimate comfort for your feet.

8E Fitting– Deeper at the toe box to accommodate the widest and deepest of feet. These are the widest fitting stock shoes available on the UK market and ensure that all problem feet have the best fitting footwear. 8E footwear also have two pairs of removable insoles together with extension straps to fit orthotic insoles as well as having extra depth for an extremely comfortable fit. If you wear hospital shoes at the moment why not come in and try our 6/8E fitting footwear, they are so much more stylish!



The Shoe Room is linked to our parent company, Crispin Orthotics, see here. Using modern technology and the skills of their clinicians and technicians we can manufacture made to measure footwear which are an exact fit to your feet whatever size you are.  Please call us for more information.