Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any supportive slippers? Do they come in wide fittings?

Our slippers are called house shoes. This is because they have a durable sole unit and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. They have wide openings, removable insoles and velcro fastenings so all types of feet can be accommodated. Our house shoes are especially unique in terms of support due to their excellent heel stiffeners. These encourage a more neutral foot alignment and aid balance – which is VERY rarely found on the high street. In fact, we are yet to find a more supportive house shoe! They come in two different width fittings, 2V and 6V, to fit both narrow and wide fitting feet.

Are your shoes leather?

The majority of our footwear is leather. Leather is a fantastic material for uppers, due to it’s breathability and ability to be shaped to accommodate toe deformities, such as bunions. For those who choose not to wear leather, we also stock a variety of none leather shoes.

I find wide fitting footwear always look old fashioned, how are yours different?

Although wide fitting footwear can look quite bulky because of the extra depth and width required to fit your feet properly, we have chosen the best possible designs for both style and comfort. The sole units are polyurethane, which cleverly disguises some of the depth of the footwear. If you browse through our collections, you can see the excellent range of styles – you will be pleasantly surprised!

What Sizes do you go up to?

In Ladies footwear we start at three and go up to a nine. In men’s shoes we start at a six and go up to a thirteen. If you are outside these measurments, we offer a vast variety of orthotic footwear, covering all sizes imaginable.


What styles of shoes do you have with removable insoles, so I can fit my insoles in?

All our styles have removable insoles from our casual shoes and court shoes to our sandals, boots and house shoes. This gives you the freedom to choose which style you would like without worrying if your insoles will fit inside. Having removable insoles is also a great option for those with fluctuating swelling in their feet, as they can be used as volume adjusters depending on how the swelling varies throughout the day.

Can you make insoles similar to the insoles I have now?

Yes, if you have insoles that need replacing or would like some more, we have an in-house Orthotic Service that will be able to help.  All you need to do in make an appointment and a member of our team of Orthotists will be able to arrange an assessment.


I wear down my soles easily on my shoes, can you help?

We provide a Repairs and Adaptations Service, be it only re-soling or heeling footwear or adding adaptations such as heel tips, flares or wedges to resist any unusual walking patterns.

I have a raise on my shoe from the hospital can your shoes accommodate the raise?

Yes, we can adapt footwear, be it your own or from our ShoeRoom to add raises. If you are unsure of the amount of raise you need, our Orthotists can check for any leg length discrepancies also.

Is it only shoes you can repair?

No, we are able to repair most things including fabric work and broken zips. Just bring the item in and our team will be able to advise you from there.


Can you recommend any styles of footwear for people with diabetes?

There are quite a few styles that would give the support and comfort for your feet. For example Healey does not have any seams at the toe box, which reduces the risk of rubbing. It has an ultra soft leather upper and good opening, ensuring easy donning and no high pressure points. Orlando is a good choice for anyone  with associated swelling or decreased foot and ankle movement, as it opens very low down ensureing extra easy donning. It has a soft leather upper and extendable velcro strap, offering support, comfort and adjustability all in one. Florence has no seams at the toe box so there are no pressure points. It opens low which makes it easy to get on and an extendable Velcro strap for adjustability. If you would like to learn more about these shoes or ask about any other styles, please get in contact and we can help. Our foot health practitioner is very aware of foot conditions associated with diabetes, so will be able to give the best suggestions.

I need shoes that don’t rub my feet as I can’t feel my feet properly. Is this something you can help me with?

Yes, the DB brand is made for people like yourself. They are designed to reduce pressure points on the top of the foot, so you are able to breath easy knowing your feet are been looked after. If you get the right width and depth, it will prevent your feet moving around in the shoes or from being too tight. It is important you have your feet measured properly by our Foot Health Practitioner to ensure this. Styles shown in ‘Can you recommend any styles of shoe for people with diabetes?’ will be excellent for you.

I have wide feet and don’t fit in normal fitting shoes, are your shoes extra wide?

Yes, we offer four different width fitting 2E, 4E, 6E and 8E. Unlike most brands, our 6E and 8E shoes have a wider base than the narrower fittings. All of our footwear have adjustable straps and removable insoles, which can also help with adjustability in fittings, giving you the best possible chance of correct fitting footwear. If you come into the shoe room we can measure your feet properly to help find the best fitting footwear for you.

I find I struggle with balance are your shoes supportive enough to help stop me falling?

It is very important for you to get the best fitting footwear for your feet so your feet do not move around too much inside them. Use our fittings page to help with this, or alternatively come into the shoe room so you can be measured properly. You may need a footwear that finishes fairly high up your foot, to help control movement at the ankle. All of our footwear have strong heel stiffeners to help with side to side support for the foot and ankle, sole adaptations can further help with this. If you are falling from weakness in your legs, then you should book an appointment with our Orthotist instead.

My swelling changes throughout the day, do you have shoes that accommodate this?

Our shoes are very adaptable, for example, some of our styles come with extension straps giving more flexibility in fastening. Some of our styles also have 2 sets of insoles in, so you can use these as volume adjusters depending on the swelling. All of our footwear have adjustable straps and removable insoles which can also help with this. If you come into the ShoeRoom, we can  measure your feet to find the best fitting shoe with the most adjustability for your feet.


What happens if a shoe is out of stock?

All the shoe sizes have a colour coded system. If it shows green it is in stock and will be with you the next day if you order before 1pm. If the product shows orange, this means that it is not in stock at the moment but it will be with you within the following week. If the size is coloured red, this means that it not in stock and will not be coming back in. In the unlikely event of having problems with your order, we will ring you and discuss further options.

How long will it take to arrive if the shoes are in stock?

If you have ordered before 1pm and we have emailed to confirm, the shoes will be with you some time the next day. If you order after 1pm, it maybe two days before you receive your shoes.

How will my new shoes be delivered?

Your shoes will be sent via a carrier on the day that you order them, this will mean that they will get to you the next day. You will need to sign for your order when it arrives.


Can I return my footwear if I no longer want them?

You are able to return your footwear within two weeks of purchase, via post or bringing them in store. When posting your return back, you will need to arrange the postage yourselves and send us an email so we know the package is on its way. Alternatively, you can drop the footwear off at our shop. See opening times. We are not able to accept footwear back if worn outside.