The Shoe Room


We are not your typical shoe shop!


A visit to our shoe room is an experience which is tailored to you.

Attend our shoe room for the first time and we encourage a short discussion on what you like to wear and any difficulties that you have trying to get footwear to fit such as wide or deep feet.

We will measure your feet to get length, width and depth which will then determine the various models of footwear we can use and the different styles that are available.

We keep all details of your visit on file, so come back and see us after your first visit we know what will fit and can give you options on any new styles that become available.

Carefully selected range of footwear


Within our shoe room, we maintain a carefully selected range which you can try on and even purchase on the day.  These shoes have been chosen to ensure that we can accommodate most foot shapes including removable inlays to increase the depth of the footwear if required.

With the Shoe Room being located within our parent company, Crispin Orthotics, if you require adjustments on the footwear, such as a raise or insoles our experienced technicians can easily make these adaptions.

Call in and have a look around, you don’t need an appointment to come and see us and we have plenty of parking.